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Embarassing Mischannels

by John Hopson

Mischannels (also known as mistells) are a common phenomenon on muds and provide some relatively harmless entertainment and a little embarrassment. Mischannels occur when a player accidently sends a message incorrectly, resulting in the message being sent to the wrong player or even to the wrong channel. Of course, the most extreme version of this is when a message intended for a private conversation is sent to a global channel.

The players on my mud got in the habit of jokingly rating each other's mistells as they occurred. The following is a scale for describing the severity of mistells, from 0 to 10. To get the full effect, imagine sending these messages to the entire mud by accident.

The "emote" command on my mud is used to tell other players in the room what your character is doing, so if Bob typed "emote smiles" the room would see "Bob smiles."

Greg Kissed Jason!  hehehe.


  1. Meaningless
    "emote shrugs"

  2. A random flash, meaningful but not really interesting or even suggestive
    "emote looks at the book"

  3. A personalized mistell but not suggestive
    "So, why do you want to join the army?"

  4. Suggestive mistells
    "emote reaches out to run one hand down the side of your neck"

  5. Interesting mistells
    "So, where did you hide the bodies?"

  6. Revealing mistells
    "They're hidden in the secret room behind Kjell's shop"

  7. Fairly explicit mistells
    "emote runs his tongue down your leg"

  8. Very revealing mistells
    "So you plan to assassinate Leroy for the money?"

  9. Extremely revealing or explicit
    "No, this was before I ran up those gambling debts. I killed him because he was blackmailing Marion about her secret affair with Karjat"

  10. Reveals disastrous details.
    "So you're going to distract Modalik while I stab him. Then we loot the treasury and make our escape through the kitchens."

  11. Delete your character in shame
    "Boy, the admins here really suck, don't they?"