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Game Critique

by Marian Griffith

On his website, Raph Koster rightly complains that in the world of muds there is a great lack of critique. Raph Koster's article about games as art (talking about the lack of critique) is also published in this issue of Imaginary Realities. There is a certain level of (amateur) review going on through the Mud Connector and the Game Commando's. These reviews tell potential players which are possibly interesting games for them. It does not tell which are actually quality games. Works of art if you will. In this post I try to put together a number of aspects or qualities that a good mud must address in some form. Because there can be so many different muds, it is impossible to come up with a definite check list. In fact, I only try to start with a list of terms that can be used to describe muds; I am not thinking of putting together a scale along which to judge different muds, which I think is impossible anyway. I am also not the person to say anything sensible about the technical aspects of muds, which are often as important as the softer aspects I am talking about here. Hopefully, others on the list are willing to extend this list I am presenting. Many of the terms originate on the Mud-Dev list and form the beginning of a vocabulary to describe and compare muds, as is also done on the list.
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The vocabulary list (so far):