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Role playing

by Luis Branco

Medieval role-playing is something else!
You can either be a warrior or be casting spells.
There's no limit to your imagination
And the thrill of plot is a great sensation.
You get to be whomever you want:
An Indian mage riding his elephant,
A mighty barbarian with muscles all around
Or even a thief browsing at the "lost & found".
In a world of dangerous creatures,
Filled with supernatural features,
You have the power in your fingertips
Or simply by muttering with your lips.

Killing a dragon or a beholder
Can make you stronger and bolder.
You gain experience as well as reputation
And may even improve your clan's situation.
Sometimes there are tasks to be done,
And the way to accomplish them is a perilous one.
But if you succeed in such a quest,
You're sure to find a reward inside your chest:
An enchanted sword or maybe just gold,
Some magical gauntlets or a few gems, which can be sold.

You can even build your own tower,
And thus express your awesome power,
Or make your hideout in a dark cave
That can't be found even by the smart and brave.
But in a treacherous realm like this one,
Friends are the element that makes it fun:
Battles can be won or lost,
But friendship prevails at any cost.

Elephant squashing some woman with silly trousers.

A fantastic adventure with elephants and fairies.

I'm a 22 year old mudder from Portugal. I started mudding when I got in college, in it's own mud. Soon the urge to explore and get to know other muds appeared and that was when I found out about Fatal Dimensions. I've been playing there for about 2 years now.

I have a great imagination, and I always have loved to role-play. So muds were like a blessing from the heavens the first time I saw them.

To finish, I can say something about MYSELF now... I'm a tall guy, with a great sense of humor and likes computers. That about sums it up... Oh, I love girls too.