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Why Deal With Harassment When You Are Having Fun?

by Ucchan Tsukino

For the past sixteen years of my life, I have been tormented and agonized by the moronic jerks who have a knack for orbiting around my life.

Certain people will spend their life striving to acquire an epithet of popularity by spouting off vulgar comments and hanging out with that 'privileged' few who boast the same ideologies as them. For some primeval reason that is far beyond my level of comprehension, it is the mass populace that ends up getting the short end of the stick because they are unaware that words are just... well... words.
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Why do so many people put up with these offenses on the mud? It is hilariously easy to type 'hush' and be free of all those vexatious annoying idiots, but can you really protect yourself from injustice within game play? It really hurt when my friend got lonered because of the profanity another player utilized against him. Sheesh. You would at least expect the big boys to have the decency to make an impartial judgment.

After all, it is pretty infeasible to be even remotely compassionate about mudding if the administration is crappy.

On a poll conducted by Redemption MUD, many of the participants claimed to have considered quitting Redemption because 'of conflicts with other players'. I feel really, really dismayed that anyone would want to quit such a swanky mud because of people.

Yet their actions kind of sink in. Nobody likes to be ceaselessly harassed, so why should they have to put up with it when they can simply leave with the click of a mouse? I just do not get why muds suddenly become an annoying place to be because of a scanty group of jerks who are scaring all the players away.

On the other hand, it was a benevolent player who first introduced me to the mud. It was a precious highbie who invited me to 'marry' him, and it was a gentleman player who offered to take his place when I supposed he was dumping me. It was a seemingly-friendly player who vouched for me when I wanted to join a clan, but then again it was also she who nearly convinced me to quit. Come to think of it, I did not feel overly pleasant when my clan members began to disregard me either.

I try to be as compassionate a player as I can, but sometimes I just want to tear out the throats of those brow beaters who ruin the game for everyone else.

Saying this makes me wince in pain, but can not we all just please get along? I have seen enough obscene comments and threats tossed around to make me consider quitting the mud all together... seriously people, think about the things you are putting other folks through.

People play muds to have fun. What is wrong with that? I do not want a player killer to embrace every pacifist they encounter thus abolishing the very essence of role-playing, but I want people to stop mistreating one another and start displaying the little bit of respect that everyone deserves.

'Ucchan Tsukino' ( is a freaky brunette with horned rimmed glasses. She is currently playing as Nerissa on Redemption MUD.