Tharsis Gate
Mud Clients

An ideal method of connecting to Tharsis Gate is through programs called Mud Clients. These are specially designed programs that optimize mudding by adding very helpful tools such as triggers, macros and paths.


GMud is a popular mud client that is completely free. It is a windows program that offers a nice range of features to make mudding easier.

GMud's web site can be found here on SourceForge.

To make it easier for you we have a pre-packaged version of gmud that you can download that is preconfigured for easy connection to Tharis Gate. Click here to download.


Zmud is a very popular mud client. It offers large array of features to make your mudding experience the best possible. Unfortunately there is a charge to use the newest version of this program. The latest version can be obtained from Zuggsoft's website.

Tharsis Zmud

A version of ZMud can be downloaded from this website which is preconfigured for connection to the mud. It is an older version of Zmud (4.62) but it is free to use - being from the days before Zuggsoft started to charge for their product. It can be downloaded here.


Another popular mud client is Portal. Thought it lacks features in comparison to Zmud, it has other things that Zmud doesn't, so it may have a different appeal. More information about Portal can be obtained here.