Tharsis Gate

  1. What is a guild?
  2. Where do I join a guild?
  3. Why should I join a guild?
  4. Which guild should I join?
  5. Guild Commands
  6. Guild Primary Skills
  7. How to guild commands work
  8. Where are my guild rooms?
  9. Guild Boxes
  10. The Druid Guild
  11. The Thief Guild
  12. The Stormlord Guild
  13. The Warrior Guild

1. What is a guild?
Guilds are organisations that players can join to be trained in special ways. The organisations are set up as part of the game and are overseen by one imortal player. Any player can join a guild and gain the use of the facilities and training that comes as part of the guild. Examples are the thieves guild or the warrior's guild.

All guilds will allow any non-guilded player to join them and thus become elligable to be taught the special discipline that the guild specialises in.

Each guild provides a few set things for it's members:

Most probably the guild will have such facilites as a shop and resting place somewhere within the guild hall.

Thus a guild is a means of extending your character, making him a thief or warrior or a mage.

2. Where do I join a guild?
All published guilds can be joined from the upstairs rooms in the Adventurer's building. There may or may not be secret guilds which require hunting for the secret location of the guild or being invited to join by an existing member of that guild.

In each of the upstairs rooms in the adventurer's building, one guild can be joined. You as a player must examine the room closely to find the command used to join the guild.

3. Why should I join a guild?
To make it a long way in Tharsis Gate a guild is not a requirement. It does however, make it much easier to survive as well as making the game much more fun to play.

A basic non-guilded player is just someone who has learnt to wave a sword and stick it in monsters - nothing special.
A player who joins guild however can receive special training - for example the thief guild will teach you how to steal your opponents weapon, to stab him in the back or to disarm traps.

Joining a guild also makes you a member of a group of other players who have also joined the same guild - thus opening up a selection of people who can almost certainly expect to receive help and suggestions from.

4. Which guild should I join?
There is no fixed rule about which guild you should join. Choose the one that sounds like the most fun to you. If you like the idea of stealing - become a thief, if you like healing, herbs and potions - become a druid, if you like fancy ways of sticking your oponent with a sword - become a warrior.

As a general rule, the warrior guild is easier to play, but also the one that perhaps becomes the least fun later on, and also less powerful relative to other guilds as one climbs into the higher levels.

5. Guild Commands
As described above, every guild teaches it's members new commands. These are called guild commands and can be listed using the 'gcommands' command.

Every guild command has help which can be accessed using the 'help' command, ONCE YOU HAVE THE COMMAND. You can not request help on the 'steal' command unless it appears in your list of gcommands.

Some guild commands will be taught to you as soon as you join the guild, others will become available as you train and rise higher in the ranks of the guild.

6. Guild Primary Skills

B. How do guild commands work?

B. Where are my guild rooms?

B. Guild Boxes.

B. The Druid Guild.

B. The Thief Guild.

B. The Stormlord Guild.

B. The Warrior Guild.
Currently Tharsis Gate's guilds are all in the semi-testing stage. As such, there are only a few, but many more are on the way. Guilds provide the player with extra commands. These commands are be based on a set of 'primary skills'. Primary skills are those skills in which the guild specialises. For example the in thief guild your guild primaries would be most of the stealth skills. You will be able to learn the guild primary skills much more cheaply, and advance them to a much higher level, than other skills. This must be done at your guild. You will not receive the cheap advancement outside your guild. Your guild commands are listed using the 'gcommands' command. Each of the commands shown may use what is known as 'guildpoints' to be performed. The number, and regeneration rate, of guildpoints that you have is based upon your guilds XXX.points primary skill. You can obtain help on any guild command using 'help '. Currently the open guilds are: 1. The stormlord guild. 2. The druids guild. 3. The thieves guild. All of these guilds can be joined from rooms found upstairs in the adventurer's building in Tolnedra. Information on the guilds can be found in the same locations. Currently you can not leave a guild once you have joined it. In the future you will be able to, but at a large cost to your skills. When new guilds come online there will be a period during which you will be able to change to it without penalty.