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 <<O>>  Difference Topic CriticalEventTable (r1.1 - 10 Jan 2003 - PumaN)

%META:TOPICINFO{author="PumaN" date="1042230720" format="1.0" version="1.1"}% %META:TOPICPARENT{name="RuleBook"}% Critical Event Table

d20 roll Result
12 Armor Trouble
34 Battlefield Damaged
5 Battlefield Shifts
6 Close Quarters
7 Item Damaged
8 Item Dropped
911 Knock Down
12 Lucky Break
13 Lucky Opening
1415 Mount Trouble
16 Reinforcements
17 Retreat
18 Slip
1920 Weapon Trouble

Armor Trouble
A random combatant has trouble with his armor. Roll 1d6 for the exact problem. The character can remedy the situation by spending one round standing still and repairing his armor.

d6 roll Result
12 Helm lost, victim's head is exposed
35 Shield lost
6 Plate lost, +2 to AC (plate armor only)

Battlefield Damaged
Something in or around the battlefield gets broken. If the fight occurs indoors, it might be a piece of furniture, a window, or a keg of ale.

Battlefield Shifts
The tide of battle carries all figures 1d6 squares in a random direction from their current location. Nobody gains any attacks of opportunity.

Close Quarters
Two enemies that threaten each other find themselves inside one another's reach and are effectively grappled.

Item Damaged
A random combatant has something damaged by a wild swing. Choose anything except a weapon and roll an item saving throw to see if it broke.

Item Dropped
As above, but the item is spilled, dropped, or cut free from the owner's person.

Knock Down
A random combatant engaged in melee is knocked to the ground by a collision with someone near him. The nearest figure (friend or foe) must roll a successful saving throw vs. paralyzation or fall down next to him.

Lucky Break
A random combatant is favored by fate and gains a +4 bonus to his Armor Class and saving throws for this round only.

Lucky Opening
A random combatant sees his chance. He gets a +4 bonus to the attack roll against whatever enemy he had planned to attack this round.

Mount Trouble
A random mounted combatant experiences difficulty with his animal. Roll 1d6:

d6 roll Result
13 Mount bolts. It sprints for 1d10 rounds in a random direction or until the rider rolls a successful riding proficiency check.
45 Mount rears. The rider must roll a successful riding proficiency check or fall off the mount.
6 Mount falls. The thrown rider must roll a successful saving throw vs. paralyzation or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.

Allies of the DM's choice show up for one side or the other.

The press drives back all threatened figures of one side or the other. See Retreats, below.

A random combatant slips and falls, spending the round on his back.

Weapon Trouble
A random combatant experiences difficulty with his weapon. Roll 1d6: 12 Combatant disarmed unless a successful saving throw vs. paralyzation is rolled.
35 Hard parry may break weapon. Roll a successful item saving throw vs. crushing blow to avoid.
6 If the character killed an opponent last round, his weapon is stuck in the foe's body. Take a round to pull it out.

-- PumaN - 11 Jan 2003

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