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-- FreD - 09 Oct 2004


  • Fair fighting
  • Lower lvl pks would walk around more secure

  • Higher lvl pks will get bored when theres none around to kill (they can't hunt lvl lever players).

Rough idea two


Pk is divided into a couple of leages with divisions.. You cannot kill a player that belongs to a lower divison/league. To advance to a higher league you need to do certain things.


  • Slay enough players
  • Enter tournaments in the arena
  • Slay beasts/players in a colloseum.
  • Solve certain quests

And ofcourse some/same rules apply the other way around that you can move down a league.

  • More scoreboards.
  • Makes pk killing a sport
  • Would drive players to higher leagues

  • Players in very high leages might get bored if there there is no others around. It seems that players like the freedom to kill whomever they which (mostly nonpks or very high lvled pks said this..)
  • Exploit low leagues, 300+ pks stay in division F just to slay newbies.

Idea three (less good)

Discussed with othes and result; Keep it the way it is, but allow the killer to gain a percentage of the other guys exp.

  • I'm againts even out skills when pks fight.. that wouldn't be fair

-- FreD - 10 Oct 2004

 <<O>>  Difference Topic PlayerKiller (r1.1 - 09 Oct 2004 - FreD)

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Sytem One

How about intruducing a slightly different player killer system that will encourage lower level players to become pk.

  1. When a player killer kills another he gets a portion of his exp . Killing others would make more sence other than for fun. Some guilds could profit from this more than others (thief/assasin and such).
  2. Skill difference cap. Player killers with 40 or more levels than another pk can't engage combat with eachother. This stops stronger players from bullying others low levelled players. (exceptions such as bounties and such could apply).
  3. Exp gained tilt. The bigger the skillgap between two players the less/more exp is gained from killing the other. Two players in the same level gain 75% exp. if the skillgap is bigger than 30 levels the higher player only gets 25% of the exp and 90% if it was the other way around. At the edge of the tilt it would be 100% and nothing gained. Propotional.
  4. PK only guilds. Joining this guild (example; assasin, knight, chaos mage) makes you pk.

-- FreD - 09 Oct 2004

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