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The following was posted to the thief guild board by Minion (Minion - do you have a Twiki name?) and then copied here by FantoM

Please read, especially newbie players.

  • The guild box will hold up to 10 different types of items thru reboot. This doesn't mean that 10 types will make it, every so often nothing makes it thru, but sometimes you do have 10 different items.
  • Now, there might be 5 stones of weightlessness, this counts for one item, with multiple numbers of that one item.
  • The best thing to do right before reboot is to 'clean out the box'. What this means is that just before reboot, we need to come in and get rid of crap gear and gear that is not worth so much, this includes iron gear, stone daggers, and anything like medallions or steel boots or warriors gauntlets, etc.
  • Weapons like tainted knife, glittering dagger, and dragonlance should have a priority, in that order. Certainly stat gear such as black boots (shimmering) and godly armour is right up there also, ring of the ancients is also a priority. Then you have rose gear, cloak of gleeman, black armor, irongrip shield, etc.
  • I post this because items like heavenly robe or ring of regeneration or torches may be decent items to use but they is nearly always way more other good gear in our box, and for some reason reboots seem to favor the pure shit gear like torches and burnished longswords and such, and that doesn't allow great items like glittering daggers or rose gear to make it thru boot.
  • This is just something to think about, it's not like it's a requirement for everyone to clean out the box just before reboot, I know that Poeun and Toy and Tails and I do it, and Twizted did before he wiped. I also figure a lot of you didn't know how the box worked exactly because up till about a month ago I didn't know either, Poeun clued me in.

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