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Monster Modules

Module: appearance
Desc: Allows you to configure the appearance of the monster.
  • clear_ids: if given then clears all aliases and adjectives. Dangerous to use after other modules
  • race: sets the race of the being
  • long: sets the long desc
  • first_alias: adds this as the first alias, and thus the one that drives the short desc
  • alias: adds this an alias
  • first_adj: adds this as the first adjective and thus the one that drives the short desc
  • adj: adds this as an adjective
  • unique: if given then flags the item as 'appearing unique', thus stopping the short being prefixed with a/an/the/etc
  • no_prefix: if given then flags the item as not wanting a prefix. not certain of the diff with unique

Module: stats
Desc: Used to alter the stats/skills/level/abilities of the monster.
Each key takes a value from 1 to 5, with 1 being the least amount of change and 5 being the most.
  • unskilled: decreases level and thus all skills and stats, happens first
  • skilled: increases level and thus all skills and stats, happens first
  • old: increases wis, decreases all other stats,
  • young: decreases all stats
  • slow: decreases dex and
  • agile: increases dex and
  • smart: increases int and wis
  • stupid: decreases int and wis
  • pretty: increases cha
  • ugly: decreases cha
  • monk: increases unarmed skills
  • warrior: increases combat skills
  • thief: increases stealth skills
  • mage: increases magic skills
  • priest: increases faith skills
  • healthy: increases & thus hp
  • large: increases str, block, decreases dodge.
  • small: decreases str, block, increases dodge.
  • aggressive: increases auto-attack chance
  • hoarder: sets likelihood of collecting items
  • rich: increases money
  • poor: decreases money

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Revision r1.18 - 04 Feb 2008 - 03:08 GMT - FantoM
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