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This is a temporary save, the document is not complete.

There is a defininition list at the bottom if you dont understand my special use of certain words.

In the text, AE will refer to the active battleentity, EE to an enemy battleentity, and FE to a friendly. When there is more than one involved, they will be marked AE#, EE# and FE# respectively. I use these to make it totally clear in statements what effects applies to what battleentity.

Battlefield Design

This is a set of rules for handling of positions between two or more entities in a battlefield.

It's primary goal is to control battles ranging from three to about a hundred units or so.

If using generalisation of large groups, it should also be somewhat capable of handling battles numbering in thousands or more.

There might be need for another system for battle between two single entities, since this involves another kind of detail where positions does not matter as much.


The engagement-rules define the movement of the tides of the battlefield.


The interaction-rules define what the combatants can do to turn the tides of the battlefield.

AE interactions can be divided in the following basic groups.

in a party, these additional actions are available:


The event-rules defines what happens when the tides of the battlefield roll.








Standing back


The formations defines what shape the tides can take.


-- PumaN - 21 Jan 2003

= Now I didn't read all of the above, but i was thinking just now about how a grid battle could work:

Edit drawing 'untitled' (requires a Java enabled browser)

Wtf? Why didn't it save my drawing? Took me f'ing 20 minutes to make the damn grid, and i can't even view it now. I'll set it up in text before i forget.

               | Snp |
MF left flank  |  M  |  MF right flank
P/S left       | A/S |  P/S right
R/S left       | RSP |  R/S right


Grid is 3 by 3 + 1 Snp

-- LuCid - 06 Oct 2004

Questions regarding messages

I can't do it. To tie all messages down to a single line and take all combatants, their actions, their items, the hits effect, the effects effect, the current weapon, its effect, the outcome, a correct timeline, right grammar and currect timeline in one single block of text, is out of my legue right now. I'm blasting away straight into the code and it doesn't work this time. Not even for a simple draft as this is. I need HELP.

If you want to see combat done soon, help me with this -- FreD - 11 Dec 2004

Just a quick though. When printing out the messages, if they were fully customizable to show/hide information should I concider giving one message in several lines? Instead of one long sentence there are multiple, shorter ones that are more readable (what they contain is another question). Its all rather complex because those messages are supposed to represent the heat of the battle and handle all kinds of situations.

Messages must:

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