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I thought I'd raise this topic because its getting downright important.. With all stuff going on, just introducing ranges and flanks (and more statuses), makes it quite complex.

I was thinking of dynamicly changing the prompt to atleast show what you are doing right know, and to whom. Its really simple but very informative.

Begin with a list of all the information that is available to the player and go from there?

-- PumaN - 05 Feb 2005

Good idea, here's some info I can think of right now.

The Attacking part is easy. Thats just a matter och constructing the message sent to room. The tricky part is the "look" part of it. Just by glancing at the room should get you an overview somewhat of positions, formations, longer actions such as grapple and spells and what weapons are beeing wielded and external atrubutes such as wounds, bleeding, health status (wounded, dying, scratched).

Here's a table way of listing a quite complex but ordinary fight, using the command "overview" to glance at the ongoing combat.
Fred's workroom(up, west).

Fred (longsword) is facing Fantom (bow)
   grappled by Puma (knuckles)
   attacked from ranged by Fantom (bow) and Zemekis (ancient blade)
   attacked from polearm by Prodigy (halberd)
Puma (knuckles) is grappling Fred (longsword)
Fantom (bow) is facing Fred (longsword) from ranged
   attacked from ranged by Fred (longsword)
Zemekis (acnient blade) is casting a spell on Fred (longsword) from ranged
Prodigy (halberd) is attacking Fred (longsword) from the flank in polearm distance.

Three gnomes (guitar, harp, drumsticks) are advancing on a old chair in spear formation.

A old chair is here.

You are 
   attacking Fantom from ranged distance
   encircled by Zemekis, Puma and Prodigy

Fatigue: 45
hp 69/433 gp 554/234 st 34/42

-- FreD - 08 Feb 2005

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