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Hit locations means that weapon-strikes can hit specific bodyparts.

Which of these are of interest?

-- PumaN - 30 Jan 2003

Hit locations is a very good idea, I has something like this in mind when I wrote my interactive combat idea prop. I think all of these are very good indeed but there is some obvious problems. The realism would suffer some damage. A direct hit with a sword to the neck would probably behead the average player.

To 'fix' this you could redefine the system a little making a little damage wherever you hit. hit would mean that the attacker makes a swing and the defender makes a succesful block(to all but the 'death' blow), taking damage as he blocks, not as he gets hit. Armor will block hits as well as shields.

uh I cant think right, will redefine this later. I vote yea to hitlocations though.

-- FreD - 04 Nov 2003 19:33

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