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Wearable slots are places that a player can wear items of armour or clothing.

The current slots available are: body, boot, cloak, glove, helmet, legging, shield, sleeve, amulet, bracelet, earring, ring, badge, backback, magical.

At this time a player can only wear one item in each slot except for "magical". A player can wear as many "magical" clothings as he likes. This is designed to allow coders the ability to create wierd stuff that the player wears that doesn't use up another slots - not normally something that the player can see.

-- FantoM - 03 Sep 2006

I want to create further armour slots than we already have, so that I don't have to put in magical and/or unique for those pieces i want my monster to wear.

ie. shin (lower legs,) knee, face, tail, hip (/belt), groin armours, etc.

-- LuCid - 02 Sep 2006

My questions regarding these new ones:

Tail is a new one. Belt is a very interesting one.

I'd suggest that perhaps this is a good time to put in the concept of layers of clothing. You can wear groin armour, and then body armour over the top, and then your belt. Possibly the same for face & then helmet. I'm not sure about knee and then leggings. It would depend on the knee armour (and probably the legging armour?).

So if we say that there is a tree ( or several trees? )of clothing slots rather than just a list of totally independent slots, and each item fits a place in the tree and can choose if anything can be worn over it or under it, then we might solve this.


ring -> glove  -> 
                 -> gauntlet
      bracelet ->

elbow-> forearm  ->
                   -> arm
        upperarm -> 

toe -> foot  -> 
               -> boot
       ankle ->

knee -> shin     ->
                   -> leg
        upperleg ->

                neck  ->  
                groin ->
                neck  ->
fronttorso ->            -> body -> robe     ->
             -> torso ->         -> belt     -> -> cloak
backtorso  ->                    -> backpack ->

face  ->
         -> helmet->
crown ->

Interpretting these trees (and using the top one as an example): A ring goes under a glove. A bracelet is independent of rings and gloves, but both bracelets and gloves (and thus rings) go under gauntlets. As a coder you could state that "this ring is bloody huge, nothing can be worn over it", thus stopping the wearing from wearing either gloves or gauntlets, but not bracelets. You could also do the reverse and say "these are skintight thieving gloves, you can't wear anything under them", thus stopping the player wearing rings.

Having drawn those I am no longer convinced that it is a tree (being something that in which each node has only 1 thing above it). For example I felt that "body" should have all of "belt", "robe" and "backpack" over it, and then cloak over all of those.

This "layered" approach to armour is more realistic, it also allows people to conceal what they are wearing, by wearing a cloak over everything.

You'll notice I left "shield" off a this point in time. I don't see it as a type of clothing. I think people just hold them.

-- FantoM - 03 Sep 2006

I see how this could work. Currently when you build an armour it asks you about weight. I think when you hit "?" in there, you should add a new blurb about how much that piece should be at minimum and max (instead of (now) telling someone to check the guidelines for that same info.) So, for example a ring: ? = 0-2. Then tell builder that if # = 2, at that weight nothing more could be worn over the hand. Now, a change like that could have a major negative effect on worn items in the mud. So a tool might have to be made to deside size (weight) of armours inplay. Alternatively, aside from that approach, you could add a new setting of "encumberance(?)" to the building of armours. With a setting of 0 (default) something could be worn over it (along the layer tree scale - something that should be viewable in-game in a builder help file somewhere,) and 1 being that it was too big/heavy/magical to allow more things to encumber it.

And as for the shield, i agree, it should be held under the hands/weapons section of the combat tree.

Re: body

I've seen armour consist of just a chestplate, where the sleeves (if any,) torso section, and leggings were all other pieces that are attached seperately. And i've seen full platemail that occupies the whole body. So for plate setting, i suggest the additional options of: upper, upper + sleeves, full (not including feet, head, or hands.)

-- LuCid - 04 Sep 2006

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