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-- TopenD - 25 Jul 2006

Tharsis Gate - Ranged Combat

Depending Skill in Ranged Melee surrounding enemy's available to see: Example (Enemy is One room south of here) or (Enemy is Three rooms north of here)

If you are highly skilled you can go several rounds w/o making it come to your room.

Hitting close range does more damage but you are unable to block... only dodge because bow's are 2 handed.

Higher skills means learned combat commands (taught at guild)... such as Dual Strike and Multi Fire to attack multiple mobs at once. Mobs have to be in same room to multiple attack.

Close range attack has armor piercing for more damage - To make it fun to use and make people want to use it.

If thief you can Critical Shot w/ sneak (First Shot)

If Storm you can add Electricity to shot (First Shot)

If Druid you can put a curse like spell on it and fire it. (First Shot)

Bow's are same as pointed strenth at long range attacks but 1.5x's stronger than blunt at short 1 room range.

Possible range of attacks is 3 rooms depending on skill.

Even if you Quit they will still be after you untill boot is over, saved on your Pfile. If you go within a 9 room area of them, the will quickly come to you and attack :)

They will have to have a certian area so they cant go out. maybe 15 rooms in each direction

Comments by FantoM

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