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Welcome to the Tharsis Gate Mud TWiki, a web site provided to enable collaboration between players and wizards in the ongoing development of the Tharsis Gate Mud.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join in, add their comments, ideas and suggestions. There is also a Bulletin Board that is used for more general discussions.

If you have never visited, or used, a TWiki before then you should probably start by reading WelcomeGuest. In brief a TWiki is a web site that anyone can edit from within the web browser.

TipOfTheDay: Put your name on the WebNotify so you don't have to come back and check all the time to see if something has changed.

To get involved simply select a web from the table below.

Web Name: Use to:
Tharsis.Design High level and detailed design for areas & features that don't have their own web.     [ Index | Search | Changes ] Collaborate on designing new areas/features for Tharsis Gate.
Tharsis.Guilds Redesign/enhancement/discussion of guilds and the guild system.     [ Index | Search | Changes ] Help revamp existing guilds and develop a better long term guild solution.
Tharsis.Combat Redesign/enhancement/discussion of the combat system.     [ Index | Search | Changes ] Design a new combat system.
Tharsis.Website Revamp the old website by designing a new alternative.     [ Index | Search | Changes ] Help design a new Tharsis Gate web site.
Tharsis.TWiki TWikiRegistration; FAQs, Quick Starts, User Guide, etc. Sign up and discover what a TWiki is and how it works.

Have a news link at top of page to down here, or a news page? - PumaN

Since Imaginary Realities has vanished into the ether, we've put a copy of all their articles online here. They are probably copyright by Imaginary Realities, but noone has a copy of their copyright page to confirm this. The text is really good reading, everyone is encourage to take a look. -- 23 March 2006.
The TWikiDrawPlugin has been installed, enabling you to create and edit drawings online -- 23 Jan 2003.

At this time it is possible for anyone to edit (add/change/delete) content on almost any topic.
To be allowed to edit content you need to register, or use the guest account of TWikiGuest with a password of guest.
Registered users get a home page that you can visit here. The home page is used to configure personal options and can be edited in any way you wish.

If you want to provide feedback on Tharsis Gate, and provoke discussions on topics which might develop into their own web feel free to do so on the FeedBack page or on the Bulletin Board.

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