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This plugin encapsulates the TWikiDraw Java Applet first developed by PeterThoeny from the original JHotDraw.

Syntax Rules


The tools on the left create or manipulate figures.

Selection selects, moves or resizes a figure; the shift-key toggles the selection. Dragging the selection tool in the background selects the figures within the dragged rectangle.
Text creates a new or edits an existing text figure
Connected Text creates a new text figure and attaches it to the clicked figure. Once a text figure is attached it remains connected to the figure.
Rectangle creates a rectangle figure
Round Rectangle creates a round rectangle figure
Ellipse creates an ellipse figure
Line creates a line figure
Connection Line creates or adjusts connections between figures. A connection is split into segments by dragging a point on the connection. To join two segments click the end point of a segment
Elbow Connection Line creates an elbow connection and offers the same features as the ordinary connection tool
Scribble creates a scribble figure; dragging the mouse creates a smooth line while successive clicks yields a polyline figure. A two-button click terminates the figure.
Polygon creates a polygon figure; dragging the mouse creates a smooth border while successive clicks yields a polyline border. A two-button click or the ESCAPE key terminates the figure.
Border decorates the clicked figure with a border
URL adds a sensitive are to the figure that will redirect to a URL


When selected, figures provide different handles to manipulate them.


Commands are invoked from the button bar at the bottom or from the menu bar at the top.

The standard commands that are provided include cut, copy, paste, duplicate, delete, group, ungroup, bring to front, and send to back.


Attributes, such as fill color, text color or arrow tip, can be changed through the attributes menus.

TWikiDrawPlugin Settings

Extra colors to be added to the menu of colors in the applet, as a comma-separated list with colors in HTML format (see StandardColors)

Plugin Installation Instructions

Plugin Info

Plugin Author: CrawfordCurrie?
Plugin Version: 23 Sep 2001
Change History: 23 Sep 2001: Initial version
  1 Oct 2001: Updated this text
  20 Feb 2002: Merged RobWalker?'s fixes for text attached to figures
  30 Sep 2002: Add support for URLs, EXTRA_COLORS, fixed a number of outstanding bugs
CPAN Dependencies: None
Other Dependencies: Java 1.1 enabled browser
Perl Version: 5.0
Java Version: 1.1
Plugin Home:

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