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Managing Webs

Adding, renaming and deleting webs are manual operations done directly on the server


Managing TWiki webs requires direct access to the installation files on the host server. There are currently no browser-based equivalents of the Rename/move/delete topic tools for working with webs.

Adding a New Web

Adding new webs is quick and easy - you can have a basic web up and running in a couple of minutes:

  1. Create a new directory under twiki/data/, ex: twiki/data/Newweb
  2. Copy in the contents of twiki/data/_default.

For detailed instructions, see TWiki Installation Guide: Adding a New Web.

Renaming or Deleting a Web

NOTE: If you plan to rename the Tharsis.Main web, remember that TWiki stores user and group topics in %MAINWEB%, default named Main. That means, every WikiName signature - Main.SomeUserName - points to it and would need updating (unless the variable, %MAINWEB%.SomeUserName, is used throughout).

  1. Prepare your site: Search each web for links to the target web, searching topic text for Oldwebname., including the dot so you'll find references like Oldwebname.SomeTopic.
  2. Edit the TWikiPreferences topic: Rename or delete the web from the WIKIWEBLIST variable.
  3. Edit the TWikiWebsTable topic: Rename or delete the web from the table.
  4. Login to the Tharsis server, via Telnet or FTP.
  5. Go to twiki/data and rename or remove the web directory.
  6. Go to twiki/templates and rename or remove the web directory if present.
  7. Go to twiki/pub and rename or remove the web directory if present.

-- MikeMannix - 14 Sep 2001

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