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Welcome Main.guest,

You have reached a TWikiSite (pronounced twee-kee site). TWiki is a meeting place where people collaborate on common interests. Anyone can contribute using a regular Web browser. TWiki looks like a normal Web site, but it allows (and encourages) everyone to edit the web pages and contribute their questions and input. It really is very simple to learn and use, and provides possibly the most powerful way to exchange and develop ideas online, in an open, uncomplicated environment.

How TWiki Works

  1. Read: You can treat this site like any other. Browse, and follow interesting links. A couple of hints:
  2. Create an Account: To be able to write new content on this site, you'll need to create an account for yourself. It's simple, and only takes a minute: just visit TWikiRegistration and fill out the form. This will also create your personal home page.
  3. Write: If you have something to say, speak your mind! Anyone can change or add to anything they see written in a TWiki topic. You can edit a topic from within your browser, using TWikiShorthand, a very simple markup language (you can also use HTML if you like, but you'll usually find you can get the same results more easily with TWikiShorthand). To contribute,
  4. But this is scary! Anybody can do anything! The concept at first may seem...strange. Uncontrollable. And yet, collaborating the Wiki way works! See WikiCulture. (You can define fine-grained TWikiAccessControl based on users groups if really necessary, and there's full revision control that retains all changes!)
  5. Experiment: To get your virtual hands dirty, visit WebHome? in the Tharsis.Test web.
  6. Create a link: To link to another topic, start by editing an existing topic.
  7. Create a topic:
  8. See the history of a topic: Click the Diffs link on the control strip at the bottom of every page to see a complete history of edits for that topic.
  9. Attach files: Use your browser to upload and attach any type of file to a topic using the Attach link at the bottom of the page.
  10. Organize: Use TWikiForms to include specific information wiht individual topics - for example, classify pages by subject, status, or date.
  11. Learn more: TWikiTutorial takes you on a 20-minute tour of the TWiki essentials. WikiReferences has links to articles and books about online collaboration and Wiki technology in particular.

Main Features of TWiki

Starting Points in the Tharsis.TWiki web

Web Name: Use to:
Tharsis.Design High level and detailed design for areas & features that don't have their own web.     [ Index | Search | Changes ] Collaborate on designing new areas/features for Tharsis Gate.
Tharsis.Guilds Redesign/enhancement/discussion of guilds and the guild system.     [ Index | Search | Changes ] Help revamp existing guilds and develop a better long term guild solution.
Tharsis.Combat Redesign/enhancement/discussion of the combat system.     [ Index | Search | Changes ] Design a new combat system.
Tharsis.Website Revamp the old website by designing a new alternative.     [ Index | Search | Changes ] Help design a new Tharsis Gate web site.
Tharsis.TWiki TWikiRegistration; FAQs, Quick Starts, User Guide, etc. Sign up and discover what a TWiki is and how it works.

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