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Time: Fri Mar 5 13:03:06 2021
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I think the Java applet could use some further tweaking. Some of the players only ever use it, and don't have the option to use a client. And my thoughts for the applet were to have a longer scrollback setting. And when you choose to detach the window, the extra screen space is only improved by about 1% and has a huge ugly border around it that practically tells other class mates or employers that you aren't working. heh 09 Feb 2003

Dagger Logo (for black backgrounds) Told ya i had a crappy art program, laf. What i really see in my head is a knight in shining armour standing in the top left margin of the page with tharsis gate etched into his sword that he holds in front of him. But i have no way of doing that. Also, some cool flash stuff i'd add if i won a million dollars or something.
MikeBedlam - 11 Feb 2003

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