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Time: Fri Mar 5 12:54:57 2021
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I think the Java applet could use some further tweaking. Some of the players only ever use it, and don't have the option to use a client. And my thoughts for the applet were to have a longer scrollback setting. And when you choose to detach the window, the extra screen space is only improved by about 1% and has a huge ugly border around it that practically tells other class mates or employers that you aren't working. heh 09 Feb 2003

Dagger Logo (for black backgrounds) Told ya i had a crappy art program, laf. What i really see in my head is a knight in shining armour standing in the top left margin of the page with tharsis gate etched into his sword that he holds in front of him. But i have no way of doing that. Also, some cool flash stuff i'd add if i won a million dollars or something.
MikeBedlam - 11 Feb 2003

Right now i'm just reviewing a few plugins. This on in particular looks helpful: It allows users to comment on topics without going through the: edit, change, save cycle. And it auto-fills-in their name and the date, from what i understand. Another one for the main page could be: which just shows who has been on the twiki for the day, heh
Also, checking out the link: will show different skin(templates) for the appearence of the twiki, rather than try to fingure out the complexities of things as they are now. Some of them look like regular pages you see whilst browsing the net. Very interesting. One of my favs is the "CopyCat" skin.

My attempt at over-riding bgcolors laf. Lets see YOU try! (and then tell me) *grin*

In any case, i might require the to use this particular piece of code (feature.) That of which i don't know if we already have.
MikeBedlam - 06 Oct 2003

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