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This twiki page has been created to allow anyone to ask questions about being a builder. Wizards will fill in the answers and over time it can grow to (hopefully) be a useful FAQ.

When asking a question, or answering, please follow the format of other questions and answers above. Add new questions at the bottom of the page.

Q: How do I add a question

A: Simply edit this page, copy this question and answer block to the bottom of the page and replace it with your own question, leaving the answer blank.

Q: What do I do after i've just been made a builder


As a builder you are expected to work on an area. You can choose to work on an area of entirely your own design (making sure to propose it properly) or work on a small part of a large areas that is being designed by a wizard (or experienced builder).

We prefer if the first task you undertake is a small area, say up to 10 rooms, with nothing special in it. Several wizards have large areas that they've designed and broken into small sections and are offering to builders to make. It's a good way to get started and get used to the system without too much work. It allows you to get an mini-area in play quickly which you can point at and say "I did that".

Q: How do I write a proposal?

A: Several help files exist to assist you with this. First of all I recommend reading help starting building, followed by help new areas and then finally help sample proposal.

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