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Textpad is a text editor you can download for free from

Its kind of like notepad except with a lot more functions, but basis is still that you edit basic text files. Which is what we do on the mud whenever we code something.

Setting up textpad

After downloading, installing and starting the program some extra setup is useful. This will make it easier for you to work with LPC documents and code. It will support highlighting of keywords and ensure you adhere to some basic standards.

  1. Download lpc.syn to .../textpad/system
  2. Go to Configure in the menu and choose "New Document Class"
  3. Name the class "LPC".
  4. Fill in "*.c, *.h" as class members.
  5. Check syntax highlighting and select the lpc.syn file.
  6. Press finish and click Ok on the warnings.
  7. Go to Configure in the menu and choose Preferences...
  8. Select File in the list and fill in "c" as Default file extension.
  9. Expand "Document Classes" and select C/C++ in the list.
  10. In the file class list, select *.C and press delete. Do the same to *.H
  11. Select LPC in the document class list.
  12. Check "Strip trailing spaces from lines when saving." and "Create new files as: UNIX".
  13. Expand the LPC list and select colors. Set them to colors of your liking. Keywords 6 are not used.
  14. Select Tabulation, set Default tab spacing to 3 or 4.
  15. Check both the convert boxes.
  16. You're done setting Textpad up to work with LPC files.

Explanation of lpc.syn:

-- PumaN - 04 May 2004

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