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Here are some tips I (Ranma) use that help me make room descriptions, I feel this will be useful to builders

Ok, you're about to make your area and you need 5 to 300 room descriptions. This would be pretty hard to do, unless you have a general idea for your areas.

#1) The first thing I do is look online for pictures that relate to my area…..I'm making forest, I look for pictures of forest…you're making a tomb, or cemetery, look for pictures of a Cemetery. This has provided me with many ideas that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

#2) Make a list of all the things that could be found in your area. Using the forest example, I made a list of everything in a forest…..vines, roots, leaves, branches, plants, flowers, rocks, trees, stumps, dry leaves, etc. All of these items can provide details that, if used creatively, can add to your descriptions. Next I thought about different types of forests, Softwood, hardwood, jungle, coniferous (pine trees)….this would affect the styling of my area also. Simple things like determining the style and listing possible items in your area make description making easier.

#3) If you are making an smaller area and are an ok artist, you could make a map of your area. Make a bunch of linked square boxes in the shape of your map on a regular piece of plain white paper. After this is done you can draw out each individual room and use your map to detail where things are located in your descriptions (is that bookshelf in the northeast corner, or the northwest) This can also help you see where you have bare parts in your areas (rooms that have little in them) so you can focus on making those more "full". Using a map will also give you a chance to mention the mountains that can be seen in the distance, or other important landmarks that can be noticed from several rooms away (In the distance is a large statue dedicated to Ranma, a King among wizzes, looms over the buildings?)

#4) The last tip, but the one I most often use, is the imagination. Close your eyes and try to picture that room of the town hall or that section of the plains. What's around? What's nearby? If you have a good imagination and a well thought out plan for your area (By plan I mean "style of, items in, history of" your area) area descriptions might only take you a matter of minutes to come up with.

Remember, you're only describing what's in a room. That is all. Look around where you are sitting now, what do you see? A sink in a counter top to the east…a stove to the north, above the stove is a cabinet made of wood… the west of the stove is a microwave, to the south is a large wooden table with decorative chairs pushed underneath it. On the table sits a stack of papers and a few pencils are scattered around on it's surface…..Just by describing the rooms in simple terms can lead to the best descriptions.

-- FantoM - 04 Apr 2003

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