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Matilda, Wed Jan 27 BLM is a hate group
Let’s talk facts here. BLM’s position that there is systematic racism within the USA is such a load of contemptuous garbage. Terms like “systematic racism” and “privilege” are used in order to provide a crutch to those who make poor personal decisions, those personal decisions. When you convince an entire group of people that they simply can't get ahead, it breeds lethargic apathy towards education and hard work, and pushes a sense of racial entitlement based on false victim status pretenses.

There are more than 700,000 law enforcement officers in the United States, with more than 2.8 MILLION interactions with the police every day. In a year, the police will have more than 1 BILLION interactions, that’s with a B, with potential suspects. Those are the facts. When you compare that to the handful of truly unjust interactions that lead to the death of a suspect, it is an astonishing success rate that should NOT be ignored.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t always look to improve relations between law enforcement and those being policed. But stop making it about race, or gender, or whatever. That is such a pathetic fake platform, easily debunked, and there is no place for it in modern society, whether the progressive media wants to accept it or not.

For me to even post this doesn’t matter, because progressives have irrational sense of self entitlement and moral superiority in just the IDEA that their viewpoints stand upon a virtuous tower, looking down anyone who DARES question them, using terms like “racist” or “bigot” as their automatically disqualification card to discredit and ignore anyone who doesn’t agree with them, utterly blinded by their contempt for anyone who is NOT like they are. Sounds pretty similar to the type of attitudes that skinheads and KKK members have, right? Except that often times this is white progressives who have a hatred for their own skin color, as evidence in studies that show that white progressives are the only group who actually have a negative viewpoint of their own race. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

To recognize these facts does NOT make me a racist, I’m very well educated and versed in the matters of social justice and therefore I understand why it doesn’t work in a modern day society like the United States has. It relies on the false presumption that forces outside of bad personal choices are why an individual person can’t succeed in life, and that’s simply untrue. It may have had some truth 40 years ago, it most certainly did have truth 60 years ago, but it is truly ignorant to stand there and wave the flag of social justice in 2020, and completely ignore the facts.

I have a bunch of law enforcement in my family, so this is very personal to me.

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