Tharsis Gate
Basic Commands

There are several core commands that will allow you to play Tharsis Gate. From these commands you can learn others within the game and also ask for help.

To enter a command at any time, just type it into the game, there is no special prefix required for commands.

Look is your most important command, doing 'look' will allow you to look at the room you are in. It will display the description of the room as well as all the exits, monsters, items, etc.

say <stuff>
Say is your second most important command. If you type say hello then everyone in your room will hear you say hello. NOTE: people who are not in your current room WILL NOT hear you.

look at <thing>
When you are carrying a sword or there is a person in the room or something just looks interesting and you want to find out more about it you can look at it. For example, immediately after you log in, you can type look at sign. You could also type look at <your_name_here>.

tell <someone> <stuff>
Tell is a great way to ask for help. The tell command is like the /msg command in Alamak Chat. It allows you to send a message to someone who is not in your room in the MUD. For example tell fantom I need help, would send a message to the player "fantom", if he were online.

gossip <stuff>
The gossip command is used to broadcast a message to all the people on the mud, at least those who are not ignoring gossip messages anyway. You just type gossip and your message and everyone hears you, regardless of where they are in the mud.

n | w | s | e
These commands allow you to move around the mud world. For example, in the login room there are exits to the north, west and east. You could type e, w or e to move through these exits into different rooms.

This command is short for "inventory". You use this command to see what items you are carrying, wearing and wielding.

This command tells you all about yourself. It displays your current hit points, how much experience you have, what level you are, etc.

get <something>
When you find an item, you can get it using this command, assuming it is not too heavy to carry. You can also do "get all" or "get <soemthing> from <something>". For example you could do get all from corpse to get all the equipment and money from the corpse of something you have killed.

drop <something>
When you want to get rid of something you can either find a shop to sell it, or you can just drop it using this command.

wear <something>
When you have found some armour, you will want to wear it. You use this command to wear armour. If you are already wearing some armour that gets in the way you will get a message. If you have picked up something that is not really an armour you will get a 'What?' message when you try to do this. You can also do a 'wear all' to attempt to wear everything you are carrying. To take something off use the 'unwear' command.

wield <something>
When you have found a weapon you can wield it using this command. For example weidl sword. You can 'unwield' a weapon to stop wielding it.

kill <something>
The whole point of the game is to become a big tough guy. To do this you must kill things. To start a fight with something you use this command. Before you start any fights we recomend you read the Getting Started web page.

For a more complete list of commands you can type help player_commands from within Tharsis Gate. This is not a complete list, for there are hundreds of possible commands and some of them you can only find out by looking at things. For example you might find "A swirling blue portal". If you look at it you might see the following:
   This is a large globe of swirling blue light.  Staring at it gives you 
   an impression of immense depth and also a headache.  You can probably 
   enter it, but you have no clue as to where it might lead or if there 
   will be a way back.
As you might guess from the description of the portal you can type "enter portal". Many commands must be found out in this way.

When in doubt, just ask another player, maybe they know the answer.