Tharsis Gate

What is a Tharsis Gate?
Creating a new character
You are in Tharsis Gate for the first time
What do I do next?

What is Tharsis Gate

Tharsis Gate is a MUD. A MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) is just a another name for a virtual world in which people, like yourself, go and partake in killing monsters, finding gold and treasure, and socialising with other players.
When you play the game you will be a player walking around in a Medievil world filled with other real life players as well as many NPCs (monsters).

The entire game can be played through Telnet or Java or through one of many different specialised programs called Mud Clients.

Creating a New Character

When you enter Tharsis gate for the very first time you will be asked to enter the name of the character you wish to play. If you enter an already used name then you will be asked for the password. If this happens just log out and log in again and choose another name. You name does not have to be your Alamak Nick.

Once you have entered a name for a new character you will be asked for your desired password, whether you are male or female, your email address, etc. The most complex part is chosing a race for your character.

The simplest and probably safest race to choose is Human which you choose simply by typing select human. You can get information about the other races using the "help" command, for example help dwarf

Once you have chosen a race you will be in the game. Your character will be saved if you stay more than 10 minutes and every other time you log in you will only have to enter your password.

You are in Tharsis Gate for the first Time

Once you have logged in with your character you will always start in the "login" room. This is a room in the Adventurer's Guild Building in the middle of a town called Tolnedra.

There are a few Basic Commands that you should try out. These will help you learn to move around the mud and converse with other players. Our Getting Started web page will make use of thse commands while, amongst other things, leading you to a place where you get a free weapon and some armour.

At first it is advisable that you keep a browser window with the Map of Tolnedra in it available at all times.

What Do I Do Next?

Once you are comfortable with moving around in the game, wearing armour and wield weapons and conversing with other players then you should look into
Joining a Guild, Advancing your skills and learning to Kill Monsters.

Of course you should always ask for help on the mud if you ever need it. Just type who and then ask someone on the list for help. Or you can just broadcast a question to everyone online using the gossip command, eg: gossip HELP ME!.